About Me


I’m Sarfraz Khan, Founder of Dumpin Recyclers Private Limited , Chief Operations Officer(COO) at SMDevops which is a tech based startup, Delhi Head at Santaan Foundation and Consultant at Billionables (A social enterprise , working for the upliftment of Differently-able people ). I’m an inquisitive person and don’t take things on the face. I love exploring and knowing the whys and how’s of things which excite me.

I also love to give motivational speeches and guide people so that they can unleash their true potential. In my free time I write blogs and poems, interact with people and brainstorm to solve the problems which the world is facing

Born in a small village but with big dreams, I had always been inclined towards solving problems and finding creative solutions. After my high school, I got selected for National Defence Academy (Indian Army) but couldn't join because of medical reasons. The dream to serve the nation has always been inside me, so after completing my graduation in Mathematics from Delhi University, I started my first startup Dumpin Recyclers Private Limited, which is a social enterprise working on the serious issue of waste management. We are working for creating a multi-stream waste collection system and use Artificial Intelligence and advanced technology to streamline the entire process from collection to recycling. We have conducted many seminars and workshops to create awareness among people and maids regarding the importance of segregation at source.

Though the idea of Dumpin was very impactful to improve the waste management scenario in India, the people are yet not matured enough to take waste management as a priority and pay for the service. This led to some financial losses. To find a solution to this problem. I joined the Dept. of Management Studies of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT-Delhi) to learn more about Entrepreneurship.

Coming back with great knowledge and much more expertise I again started the operations of Dumpin, but this time with another Tech-Based Startup SMDevoOps.


SMDevOps is one of the leading IT service providers working in the area of Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain and is currently based in Delhi. Our aim is client satisfaction and for that our team leaves no stone unturned. Our company works to make sure that our services fulfill the needs of the organization and our clients. 

Soon I started getting offers from other companies as well to plan and execute their business models. So I started providing consulting service to other startups. One such startup is Billionables.

Billionables is India's first all-inclusive online platform to discover accessible places, products, and services for persons with special needs & elderly. I with my team has designed and developed the complete technology solution which will help make the lives of persons with special needs & elderly easy,

I got an opportunity to lead the complete State Election (LokSabha) 2019 of Haryana. There I used my skills to create a political strategy by understanding the need of the local people and took advantage of the weakness of the opposition party.

During the school days only, I have been an active member of Santaan Foundation which is a non-profit organization through which we are working on the issue of child trafficking with the help of our local police station. I have been appointed as Delhi Head and I handle all the workshops and seminars in Delhi-NCR.