A courageous- Call Girl !

It took me more than one week to decide, should I write on this or not. The fear of contradicting the so-called "morality" of our society had always pulled me back. The fear that what people will think about me when I will write on such a tabooed topic had been bothering me. But then what's the point of freedom of speech when you cannot even express your opinion. And of course, we live in a democratic country and not a banana nation.

We all have heard this word once or more in our life, either through cinema or through friends or may be utilized the service. I am not here to judge anyone, But one thing which clicked in my mind when I think about those girls who provide these services is that how courageous they are. Going to an all-new place with a stranger or sometimes with a group of strangers is not an easy cup. It would make anyone's blood run cold. We all can think of thousands of troubles they might face still, they take the risk to earn their living.

If I compare their risk to our day to day risk where we are scared enough to even try a new thing or go to a new place. I feel sad. For me, their risk-taking ability is an inspiration. It even teaches how confident they are on themselves that they can handle any kind of adversities on their own. Both mentally and physically one has to be a super girl to choose such a profession. Here I don't want to debate on their existence or the issue of human trafficking or forced prostitution. It's altogether a different topic to discuss. But all I want you to understand the point which I am trying to make here. 

We all are inherently strong and it's just the moment of realization that comes either forcefully through our situations in life or we could unlock it on our own. In today's fast moving life where we all are in a hurry to push ourselves more and more, this superpower within us would surely help to take a leap. Because if you are confident enough to take the risk then you will surely achieve what you have always longed for.

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