Certain Historic Figures Should not be criticized

Updated: Aug 28, 2020

Every coin has its two sides. Similarly, each person has its own goods and flaws. The great figures from history who have won the hearts of millions of people are no exceptions. From Alexander to Mahatma Gandhi, each one had flaws. So why are we afraid to criticize them? No doubt they have been great warriors and great leaders but people do make mistakes. In my opinion, I feel we should not hold back from criticizing them. It's great to see the positive side of things but following someone naively is wrong and criticism leads to wisdom. Wisdom to correct what is wrong and follow what is right. History had always been kind to us by giving us examples Here I shall present you with an example of the great emperor whose name has always been the first one to appear in the great books of history. Alexander the great. who had a dream to rule the entire world for which he spent his entire life-fighting. Without bothering much about his troops, he fought wars year after year but had to stop when he came to India because his army was tired of fighting and couldn't do it anymore. His dream had given birth to people like Changez khan, Adolf Hitler who ruthlessly sacrificed millions of lives for their greed and selfishness. A little too often we are overwhelmed by the idea of ruling the world that we forget we are not alone. Another example The place that Indians have for Mahatma Gandhi, Pakistani have for Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It was his struggle and hardship to safeguard the minority Muslim in India due to which Pakistan was created. But people forget separation on the basis of religion and a non-secular country is hard to find peace. His dream to safeguard minority Muslims was correct but his path was incorrect. Recently we observed the 25th anniversary of "emergency in India" which is referred to as the "a dark period of Indian democracy". Indira Gandhi also is known as a woman of steel is an inspiration of billions of girls but her decision to call emergency has been criticized a lot so know we know its consequences so will fight to each and every person who will dare to put back our country into that dark period. For me, our constitution is the highest and it is my fundamental right to speech and expression, so I'll always criticize the wrong decisions taken without bothering about the person who took it. Now as I wrap it up I would just like to ask Where would you like to fall? People who naively follow? Or people brave enough to criticize and correct?

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