How Germany is reviving its economy.

How amazing is to see a cheque in your mailbox during this chronic pandemic situation. It came true for ninety percent Americans who were affected by the COVID pandemic and received a cheque worth twelve hundred from the government to support their lives. A lot of governments around the world are trying to save the economy but there is one country that saved its economy better than anyone else and that is Germany.

Their stimulus plan is so good that it will blow your mind. It has been so well drafted that they cover all the basic struggles which the economy will face. Starting with if you are in Germany and you're a citizen affected by the COVID pandemic then you don't have to pay rent. They have made it illegal to kick you out of the home if you could not currently afford to pay rent. This has saved millions from becoming homeless.

The next thing which they have done is that you don’t have to pay taxes, you can pay the taxes when the situation improves after twenty-twenty.And if you are still struggling then the government will give you fifty billion euros which are mainly to help artists, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to survive.

If you have a small business you get help from the government who will pay up to seventy percent of your employees’ salaries and give you up to thirty thousand euros to survive. By this, not only the jobs of employees are safeguarded but the small business owners will survive this tough situation. All of this I heard from my friend who has a small business and got fifty thousand euros help from the government as a grant within three days of application.

For the big business, the government will give you Ten billion euros as a loan so that you could survive in the current situation and grow.

Germany is the only country which is spending sixty percent of its GDP to help the country’s economy revive meanwhile other countries are spending just around 10-20 percent.

I'm not even done yet, all of this they did within weeks while other countries are taking months and months to plan and execute their stimulus plan. Additionally, COVID infection cases in Germany are lessening and life is returning to ordinary with the exceptionally low casualty. That is the reason everyone needs to learn from Germany else the financial emergency will take much a larger number of lives than the Coronavirus pandemic.

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