Road Accidents- Worst way to loose life!!


he road rage and accidents is not a thing of amusement to the indian subcontinent. As soon as you step out on the roads with a vehicle or without it, you are prone to an accident. Almost every person living in india must have experienced at least one or more minor or major accidents in their lifetime. And those who haven't shall consider themselves lucky.  The daily CCTV footages and articles about road accidents flooding in the newspapers and news channels are a clear evidence to the same. Statistics show that "approx 16 deaths and 58 injuries occur due to road accidents everyday. Which is equivalent to wiping out 40% of the population of a small country like maldives. The capital- delhi, tops the chart with approx 5 deaths everyday" as shocking as these numbers are more serious is the problem. The causes are numerous. Namely some, the road rage- the reckless and voilent behaviour of the drivers account for a lot of deaths in india. The very prominent example- the minister of rural development Late mr. Gopinath munde lost his life in a road accident on 3rd june 2014.

This is an example of just one person in thousands who loose their life or who get injured. The physical wounds still get healed but the mental scars that the victim in the accident goes through or the family who has lost their beloved, are difficult to be healed. 

Breaking rules- the very basic rules like putting the seatbelt and knowledge about the red light is of no importance to most of the indian drivers. We joke about skipping the red light and to us it makes no sense to hault the engines and wait for few seconds. But this is just a reminder that we do not own the road. And the rules were made for our safety.

Though rare but in case you ever get caught, the easy way out is to bribe the police. Despite the large number of road crimes only a few criminal who are not even considered " criminal " are arrested or any action is hardly taken against them.

Also, As the ladla beta or beti turns 18 and in some cases not even 18. Their proud parents hand over the car to them without giving them the knowledge of road safety and that driving in high speed can be dangerous. To them, as the speedo meter uplifts so does their adrenaline rush . But do they know that a car is by definition a form of transport used for travelling and not a roller coaster ride for thrashing others.

Anyone and everyone who wishes to get a driving licensee

Here is a good news for you- you do not need to give the driving test. Because we people can hand over it to anyone as we do not value life. The more you pay us the less days we will take to print the licensee for you to commit crimes OFFICIALLY. The list is endless. But there is a key to every lock .

There should be a slight modification in the technology and safety of vehicles. Every car should be provided with air bags and people should learn to use the seat belt. We have paid for it, right. Undoubtedly the license should only be given to those who qualify the driving tests. And people must be made more aware about the safety sighs and driving rules. And if any person is caught breaking rules then they ought to be punished and in cases like over speeding or drink and drive well, they shall kiss their license a good bye. Not only this, but traffic police men should be more responsible with their duties. Skipping red light is not a joke. Talking on the phone should not be spared at any cost. One moment if divided attention and there goes another accident. Before handling over the wheels to the teenagers they should responsibly be told about how to carefully drive. And in case anyone eyewitness an injured person then please do not turn the blind eye to them. Help them. This can happen to anyone and it is our duty to help others if only for the sake of humanity.  Our safety is in our hands and each life is precious.

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