What is life for me?

I see a lot of people around me with sad faces. Unsatisfied with their life. But Why? Do we really know the meaning of life? Are we really living at the moment?

I talk to many people and find one similarity in all of them. They all are waiting for a good time. Struggling in their life in their own way. But why are they struggling in the first place?

As I am growing old, one thing which gets clear is , life is a journey not a destination. There is no one-stop but a serial of stops where we will reach and spend time, then move for the next station of life.

We are so much afraid of separation but we all forgot that nothing is immortal, we all have to leave the stage at some point in time and the same thing applies to others. We should enjoy every moment of time spent with loved ones and not worry about their separation.

I also often see people cursing their luck for their situation in life. But are we really at the position because of luck? Does luck really exist? If it is so then why it is said luck favors the brave.

I don't want to comment on the existence of luck but one thing which is I am completely sure about is that whatever situation we are at present is only because of us. One should always take full responsibility for their life.

People fight about differences, people fight about their dominance but is there anything in this world which is completely identical. The perfection of the universe is that "nothing is perfect", so why do we burn our blood running behind perfection?

Between fast moving life and chasing of our dreams, we have forgotten to smile, we have forgotten to appreciate what we have, we have forgotten to pamper ourselves and we have forgotten to care about the people around us.

Life is not a competition nor it is a game, it is just a journey which we all have to cover. Someone might want his journey adventurous, someone wants his journey to be full of love or someone wants his journey to be relaxing but whatever journey you want to take, that is the best for you.

Being a good student of mathematics, one very important thing which I have learned is that incomparable can’t be compared. Similarly, our journeys are unique to us and they can’t be compared to others. So stop worrying about what others have done or achieved, you should enjoy the path which you have taken for your life.

The feeling of guilt or sadness eats us from inside. We should always stay away from them to accept reality and move on. We all can do mistakes and that’s the reason why gods have asked us to seek forgiveness. It’s completely fine to do mistakes and sometimes we might repeat them as well. But remember we all learn but the pace of learning might be different and it’s completely acceptable.

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