Why do we feel ashamed of supporting entrepreneurs in our friends and family?

Being a first-generation entrepreneur, I have struggled a lot in gaining trust and belief from my closest ones in life. I have seen my friends and relatives who could easily help me to attain certain momentum in my adventurous entrepreneurship journey by just a call, had always been busy for me. I have seen people demotivating me in every corner of my life and unfortunately, they were the ones who have been most close to me and known me since childhood.

It was hard to accept that for me to make my friends and relatives believe in me was more difficult than to someone who has just met me through a marketing campaign. I have seen my friends and relatives never sharing about my business or even liking a post shared by my company’s official social media page.

Yet I don’t blame them but the kind of upbringing which has made all of us so naïve that we feel ashamed of helping the entrepreneurs in our family and friends. Helping with money or business opportunity is a lot big to ask in a country like ours but to even expect a social media post share is over-expectations.

I have seen random and illogical social media posts being shared and circulated, songs clips being uploaded on the WhatsApp status of my friends and relative but never seen them promoting any local businessman or their known entrepreneurs.

If I start dreaming today and assume that on an average every young entrepreneur knows at least 100 different people in his life. And those hundred different people will also know a hundred different people in their life. By just sharing information over WhatsApp which will hardly take more than 2 minutes will reach TEN THOUSAND different people. This will not only give that young entrepreneur a wider audience awareness but may also end up with few good business opportunities which can be his initial momentum for his stability. And all this “FREE OF COST” with just 2 minutes from 1440 minutes of your day.

If I again dream and assume that these 100 people commit to giving just 500 rupees to that person for the next 6 months, it will create a cash flow of 50,000 per month with a total of 3,00,000 rupees which will be a boom for his initial difficult stage of entrepreneurship. And all this just by giving away money worth “MEDIUM SIZE PIZZA” OR “TWO MOVIE TICKETS”.

I know that asking this much is also way above your expectations but we all should

understand that true development is done by entrepreneurs in your country. If you want to end the unemployment issues, education issues, or any other issue, the easiest solution is through promoting more and more business in the country. If the Government wants to create more schools; he needs a construction company to do that. If the Government wants to reduce unemployment, then he needs new companies and expansion of existing companies for that. If the government wants to invest more in the social welfare of the marginalized populations, they need tax which comes from either the business or the salaried individual who is related to business.

So, my dear friends and family lets come together today and be a true patriot by helping and motivating young entrepreneurs in your known circle. Because your one share might give India its next Dhirubhai Ambani.

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