Why do we struggle to find a purpose in life?

Among the most significant unanswered questions is"How do I find my life purpose?"

The question goes unanswered as it is an infinite loop. Like"Why can't I find the perfect answer?". It is a question that it comprises another question. So no matter how often you ask it, it may never be completely answered. It is the wrong question to ask yourself.

Entrepreneurs and leaders find their 'why' if they change the question from"How do I find my life purpose" to 3 more straightforward questions:

1"What is my purpose now?"

Your goal is your participation, and your contribution now. You are putting time and effort into something, and that is your purpose now. If you contributed to assisting a team member, to help your mother in household work, to drive your children to school, or to write an article. This was today's purpose.

So that you already have a goal. It is just that it is often an unintended purpose. Very often people forget about today's purpose by overthinking the past and future.

2."How will I make my goal more meaningful tomorrow?"

You can alter how you contribute towards your goal every day by becoming more disciplined and hardworking. This will eventually give you an advantage for a better and more controlled future. As you increase your level of giving, in simple, daily steps, you increase the meaningfulness of your goal every day. You find the daily impact your giving gets.

“A life without cause is a life without effect.” ~ Paulo Coelho

3. "What am I prepared to sacrifice?"

At some stage of your giving, you reach the end of your comfort zone, where giving yourself becomes inconvenient. Without sacrifice, you can't give more. Many stops at this time, and so get to the limit of the"why" and their"how" and so don't attain their superpowers.

Victor E. Frankl wrote in his classic'Man's Search for Meaning', "People who have why' to live, can bear with almost any' how'."

That greater" why" is connected to what you are willing to give up for your own cause. It's on the opposite side of the pain threshold of sacrifice and suffering that we finally fulfill our true intent. If you are on this trip at this step, you are probably finding yourself misunderstood. You hear people say"workaholic" when you say"dedicated".And if they ask you, "why do you do this anyway?" And you can not easily answer as you can not yet articulate your"life goal", it may result in seeds of doubt.

Don't quit! You are already deep into the travel. Along with the pay-off of purpose isn't just the conclusion of all doubt, but also the end of all suffering.

“I have found the paradox, that if you love until it hurts, there can be no more hurt, only more love.” ~ Mother Teres

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